Thursday, 5 July 2012

Friday Pick{ture Book}

After my post on my top 5 childrens books earlier this week I was excited to be asked by @childledchaos to join in the Friday Pick{ture Mook} meme and share another of my favourites!

So today lets hear it for the Owl Babies...

This beautiful book, written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson tells the story of 3 little owls who wake up to find Mummy has gone missing. Luckily big sister owl Sarah is there to look after the little owls and she does a pretty good job - even if she does take the best branch herself, leaving poor old Bill with a little ivy twig. And of course as in any good childrens book there is a happy ending. Mummy comes back and all is well in the woods again.

I love this book and so do my children. I also hope that it teaches them about looking out for each other and that if Mummy goes away she will always be back soon*

*Disclaimer. I have not actually ever done what Mummy owl does and left my children in the woods at night on their own. I have however occasionally left them with Daddy whilst I go to John Lewis though!



  1. Thank-you for being the very first entry to Friday Pick{ture Book}!

    We love Owl Babies too, great choice :-)

  2. Glad you like it. Sorry it was a bit short but I was up at 4am with a wide awake 2 year old so my brain is not as sharp as it should be! Love the idea of the Friday Pick!

  3. We are big fans of Owl Babies in our house! Also helps that one of my little girls is called Sarah and she insists on calling Bill Beth as that's what her sister is called!

    Have you seen the animated version on The Literacy Shed?

  4. Hi Bookaholic Mum. I'll definitely go and have a look at the animated version - the kids will love that.

  5. Theo LOVES owl babies and knows their comments off by heart. He plaintively cries out loud "I want my Mummy!" with Bill.