Thursday, 12 July 2012

Friday Pick{ture Book}#2

This week my Friday Pick is Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell & Helen Oxenbury.

Firstly I only noticed when writing the author's name that he is the same author as my pick last week. This is just coincidence and unfortunately I am not under the pay of Martin Waddell. I have never met him but I'm sure he is very nice (if you are reading it and want to bung a few quid my way Martin please feel free!).

Anyway onto the serious stuff...Poor Farmer Duck. No ducktails dabbling for this bird. Instead poor old Farmer Duck has somehow been conned by the farmer into doing all the work on the farm. He irons the shirts, takes the lambs to pasture and is generally the farm dogsbody. I admit to a sneaking admiration for the farmer, a master of delegation who sits in bed eating chocolate whilst shouting out "how goes the work?" to Farmer Duck - how does he manage it?

Its hard having to do so much and its no wonder that farmer duck feels sleepy and weepy and tired. But luckily his animal friends have a plan to oust the lazy old farmer. I won't spill the beans about the plan but it goes something along the lines of "Moo, Baa, Cluck". Working together they managed send him packing and take over the farm themselves all helping out and proving that a socialist society really does work!


  1. This reminded me of Animal Farm when we got it! Love how the downtrodded duck wins out in the end :-)

  2. I agree! Its like Animal Farm with a happy ending!